To  misquote David Bowie, “We’ve had five years, what a surprise, we’ve had five years, my brain hurts a lot…”


Yes, it has been a full 60 months since Kicker of Elves took it upon himself to post two Robert Pollard related videos every day for a year and despite so much change in the world in that time, the one constant has been Robert Pollard continuing to release quality songs at an unbelievable rate.


This site (a sister site to the sporadically continuing will therefore be reborn on 1 January 2019 and will provide one song every day for 365 days taken from Robert Pollard and Tobin Sprout’s releases since December 2014 for discussion and reappraisal. Or just for listening pleasure. Your call.

The selections will be determined by randomiser and no cheating. Maybe.

See you back here tomorrow because otherwise… “every day it’s the god awful same..”

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