Here come the fantasy creeps / They’re all around you / They’re here to give you the creeps / They’ve come to hound you… to send us videos!!


Yes, calling all Fantasy Creeps, we need stuff “(Re)released on video / Any time, any time at all.”

This is the list of songs currently without any accompanying video – unless we have added it, obviously! Just let us know and we’ll add a link to your (or someone else’s) handiwork.

Learn Something Old Every Day:

Daily Double Standards:

Track 5.   Robert Pollard – Every Word In The World (Fiction Man)

Track 8.   Keene Brothers – The Camouflaged Friend (Blues And Boogie Shoes)

Track 18. Guided By Voices – Hey, Mr Soundman (split single with The Grifters)

Track 20. Robert Pollard – Getting Going (Space City Kicks)

Track 23. Robert Pollard – Life Of A Wife (Coast To Coast Carpet Of Love)

Track 25. Guided By Voices – Curse Of The Black Ass Buffalo (I Am A Scientist)

Track 27. Psycho And The Birds – Organic Comes On (Check Your Zoo)

Track 55. Robert Pollard – Perverted Eyelash (Elephant Jokes)

Track 61. Boston Spaceships – Exploding Anthills (Zero To 99)

Track 65. Guided By Voices – Wings Of Thorn (Universal Truths & Cycles)

Track 68. Circus Devils – Oil Birds (Ringworm Interiors)

Track 70. Robert Pollard – Tired Life (Space City Kicks)

Track 128. The Takeovers – Music For Us (Bad Football)

Track 135. Boston Spaceships – A Hair In Every Square Inch Of The House (Let It Beard)

Track 138. Circus Devils – Pledge (Mother Skinny)

Track 139. Robert Pollard – Human Zoo (Mouseman Cloud)

Track 144. Psycho And The Birds – Hybertech Green (We’ve Moved)

Track 148. Circus Devils – Strain (Five)

Track 149. Keene Brothers – A Blue Shadow (Blues And Boogie Shoes)

Track 156. Guided By Voices – Worm With 7 Broken Hearts (Class Clown Spots A UFO)

Track 162. Keene Brothers – You Must Engage (Blues & Boogie Shoes)

Track 163. Robert Pollard – Blown Out Man (Elephant Jokes)

Track 168. Circus Devils – Look Between What’s Goin’ On (Five)

Track 171. Circus Devils – Bad Baby Blue (Gringo)

Track 174. Circus Devils – End Of The Swell (Capsized!)

Track 177. Robert Pollard – 747 Ego (Music From ‘Bubble’)

Track 182. Circus Devils – Brick Soul Mascots (Part 2) (Sgt. Disco)

Track 183. Airport 5 – Out In The World (Life Starts Here)

Track 185. Airport 5 – In The Brain (Selective Service)

Track 191. Robert Pollard – I Expect A Kill (Fiction Man)

Track 196. Circus Devils – Freezer Burn (Mother Skinny)

Track 200. Circus Devils – The Constable’s Headscape (Sgt. Disco)

Track 202. Guided By Voices – Fish On My Leg (B-side on Doughnut For A Snowman)

Track 204. Circus Devils – Gable’s Ear Wax (Capsized!)

Track 205. Psycho And The Birds – Corona Grande (We’ve Moved)

Track 206. Robert Pollard – No One But I (Robert Pollard Is Off To Business)

Track 208. Robert Pollard – Tattered Lily (Elephant Jokes)

Track 210. The Takeovers – Jancy (Turn To Red)

Track 218. Guided By Voices – Either Nelson (Let’s Go Eat The Factory)

Track 224. Circus Devils – Lurking (Mother Skinny)

Track 229. Boston Spaceships – Queen Of Stormy Weather (Planets Are Blasted)

Track 232. Robert Pollard – Smacks Of Euphoria (Mouseman Cloud)

Track 252. Mars Classroom – Paint The Rocks (New Theory Of Everything)

Track 262. Robert Pollard – Wild Girl (We All Got Out Of The Army)

Track 267. Boston Spaceships – Sylph (Planets Are Blasted)

Track 273. Robert Pollard & Doug Gillard – And My Unit Moves (Speak Kindly Of Your Volunteer Fire Department)

Track 276. Robert Pollard – Take In (Jack Sells The Cow)

Track 277. Robert Pollard – Zen Mother Hen (Mouseman Cloud)

Track 288. Psycho And The Birds – Rains Remain (We’ve Moved)

Track 289. Teenage Guitar – It Doesn’t Mean I’m Underground (Force Fields At Home)

Track 292. Circus Devils – Eyes Reload (Five)

Track 293. Robert Pollard & Doug Gillard – Do Something Real (Speak Kindly Of Your Volunteer Fire Department)

Track 297. Boston Spaceships – Airwaves (Our Cubehouse Still Rocks)

Track 302. Robert Pollard – Gratification To Concrete (Robert Pollard Is Off To Business)

Track 310. Psycho And The Birds – Do Not Devastate (Check Your Zoo)

Track 316. Psycho And The Birds – Love Theory (We’ve Moved)

Track 317. Airport 5 – Forever Since (Life Starts Here)

Track 318. Psycho And The Birds – Nation Gone Dry (All That Is Holy)

Track 322. Circus Devils – Man Of Spare Parts (Sgt. Disco)

Track 324. Robert Pollard – Aeriel (Choreographed Man Of War)

Track 325. Circus Devils – No Wonder They Don’t Stand Tall (Five)

Track 331. Robert Pollard – Parts Of Your World (Elephant Jokes)

Track 332. Boston Spaceships – Keep Me Down (Planets Are Blasted)

Track 333. Circus Devils – Peace Needle (Ringworm Interiors)

Track 334. Boston Spaceships – Track Star (Our Cubehouse Still Rocks)

Track 335. Circus Devils – Don’t Be Late (Pinball Mars)

Track 336. Guided By Voices – Mobile (Get Out Of My Stations)

Track 337. Robert Pollard & Doug Gillard – Soul Train College Policeman (Speak Kindly Of Your Volunteer Fire Department)

Track 338. Circus Devils – You First (Ringworm Interiors)

Track 341. Robert Pollard – Lay Me Down (Standard Gargoyle Decisions)

Track 346. Mars Classroom – Pre-Med’s A Trip (New Theory Of Everything)

Track 347. Circus Devils – Vampire Playing A Red Piano (Capsized!)

Track 349. Robert Pollard – On Shortwave (The Crawling Distance)

Track 350. Guided By Voices – What About It? (Vampire On Titus)

Track 353. Circus Devils – Letters From A Witch (Gringo)

Track 358. The Takeovers – Do You Get Your Wish? (Turn To Red)

Track 359. Circus Devils – Raw Reaction (Pinball Mars)

Track 362. Teenage Guitar – Suburban Cycle Saccharin (Force Fields At Home)

Track 363. Robert Pollard – Holy Fire (Lord Of The Birdcage)

Track 371. Circus Devils – Blanks (Ringworm Interiors)

Track 372. Circus Devils – I Found The Black Mind (Ataxia)

Track 381. Boston Spaceships – Return To Your Ship (Zero To 99)

Track 385. Circus Devils – You Take The Lead (Five)

Track 386. Robert Pollard – On Top Of The Vertigo (We All Got Out Of The Army)

Track 392. Phantom Tollbooth – The Cafe Interior (Beard Of Lightning)

Track 405. Circus Devils – Just Touch Them (Five)

Track 411. Robert Pollard – Lizard Ladder (Mouseman Cloud)

Track 412. Circus Devils – Sub Rat (Mother Skinny)

Track 413. Circus Devils – Sterility Megaplant (Ringworm Interiors)

Track 414. Circus Devils – Hot Lettuce (Sgt. Disco)

Track 416. Robert Pollard – Accusations (Standard Gargoyle Decisions)

Track 418. Circus Devils – Bow Before Your Champion (Pinball Mars)

Track 421. Circus Devils – The Other Heart (Five)

Track 424. Robert Pollard – Saga Of The Elk (Motel Of Fools)

Track 426. Teenage Guitar – Alice And Eddie (Fabulous Child Actors) (Force Fields At Home)

Track 431. Boston Spaceships – Saints Don’t Lie (Our Cubehouse Still Rocks)

Track 433. Circus Devils – What Wallace? (Capsized!)

Track 450. Circus Devils – Living Necklace Of Warts (Mother Skinny)

Track 455. Circus Devils – Siren (Capsized!)

Track 463. Circus Devils – Not So Fast (Ringworm Interiors)

Track 466. Keene Brothers – Evil vs. Evil (Blues And Boogie Shoes)

Track 470. Robert Pollard – Follow A Loser (Space City Kicks)

Track 471. Robert Pollard – Another Man’s Blood (Superman Was A Rocker)

Track 476. Lifeguards – Nobody’s Milk (Waving At The Astronauts)

Track 477. Circus Devils – The Germ Circus (Mother Skinny)

Track 479. Circus Devils – We Taught Them Rock And Roll (Five)

Track 481. Robert Pollard & Doug Gillard – Soft Smoke (Speak Kindly Of Your Volunteer Fire Service)

Track 487. Circus Devils – French Horn Litigation (Sgt. Disco)

Track 493. Circus Devils – Devilspeak (Ringworm Interiors)

Track 497. Psycho And The Birds – Tomorrow Man (We’ve Moved)

Track 506. Teenage Guitar – Baby Apple (Force Fields At Home)

Track 509. Circus Devils – Kingdoms Of Korea (Mother Skinny)

Track 513. The Takeovers – You’re At It (Bad Football)

Track 517. Guided By Voices – Fighter Pilot (Class Clown Spots A UFO)

Track 524. Robert Pollard – Aspirin Moon (Mouseman Cloud)

Track 528. Circus Devils – Caravan (Sgt. Disco)

Track 531. Robert Pollard – How Many Stations (We All Got Out Of The Army)

Track 533. Airport 5 – Eskimo Clockwork (Selective Service)

Track 536. Circus Devils – Do This (Sgt. Disco)

Track 540. Circus Devils – Her Noise (Five)

Track 541. Circus Devils – The Gasoline Drinkers (Gringo)

Track 547. Psycho And The Birds – We’ve Moved (We’ve Moved)

Track 554. Circus Devils – To England The Tigers (Capsized!)

Track 559. Guided By Voices – Swooping Energies (The Pipe Dreams Of Instant Prince Whippet)

Track 569. Psycho And The Birds – Yes An Article (All That Is Holy)

Track 577. Boston Spaceships – A Good Circuitry Soldier (Zero To 99)

Track 581. Go Back Snowball – Calling Zero (Calling Zero)

Track 583. Robert Pollard – Western Centipede (Robert Pollard Is Off To Business)

Track 585. Teenage Guitar – Current Pressings, Colors And Styles (Force Fields At Home)

Track 587. Guided By Voices – Cool Off Kid Kilowatt (Vampire On Titus)

Track 588. Circus Devils – 8 Legs To Love You (Mother Skinny)

Track 590. Robert Pollard – Rice Train (We All Got Out Of The Army)

Track 594. Robert Pollard – Up For All That (Jack Sells The Cow)

Track 596. Circus Devils – Tell ‘Em The Old Man Is Comin’ Down (Five)

Track 603. Guided By Voices – No Welcome Wagons (Selective Service)

Track 611. Mars Classroom – Dr. New Pile (Can You Guess Him) (New Theory Of Everything)

Track 616. Robert Pollard – Mother’s Milk And Magnets (Mouseman Cloud)

Track 621. Psycho And The Birds – Break Some Concentration (All That Is Holy)

Track 625. The Takeovers – The Jester Of Helpmeat (Bad Football)

Track 627. Robert Pollard – It’s Only Natural (Fiction Man)

Track 629. Robert Pollard – Living Upside Down (Kid Marine)

Track 638. Robert Pollard – Heaven Is A Gated Community (Jack Sells The Cow)

Track 642. Robert Pollard – Continue To Break (Mouseman Cloud)

Track 645. Boston Spaceships – Bombadine (Our Cubehouse Still Rocks)

Track 649. Circus Devils – The Winner’s Circle (Sgt. Disco)

Track 650. Lifeguards – Sea Of Dead (Mist King Urth)

Track 652. Teenage Guitar – 8 Bars Of Meaningless Mathilde (Force Fields At Home)

Track 662. Circus Devils – Thelonius Has Eaten All The Paper (Five)

Track 663. Robert Pollard – Cosmic Yellow Children (Elephant Jokes)

Track 665. The Takeovers – Wigstomper 07 (Little Green Onion Man)

Track 676. Guided By Voices – Donkey School (Vampire On Titus)

Track 677. Guided By Voices – Queen Of Second Guessing (Get Out Of My Stations)

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  1. Just added the video for Every Word In The World courtesy of the Robert Pollard facebook page. Nice one.

  2. Thanks to Alvaro Hermoso for posting the whole of the I Am A Scientist EP.

  3. Thanks to Cathal McBride for posting the video to Worm w/ 7 Broken Hearts.

  4. Thanks to the Slanted Baby who posted the video for Boston Spaceships – Exploding Anthills.

  5. Thanks to lorcastarsailor for posting the video for Keene Brothers – A Blue Shadow.

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